The Best Part of Christmas

Christmas collection

Was it when the sweet-faced strawberry blond boy said “I’m going to spin around so you can see my gloriful butt!” then proceeded to pirouette in the middle of the kitchen? Was it when the same boy, saying grace before dinner, asked God “for a good Christmas, so we don’t get sick again this year”?

Was it making lists of treats to make with my sister? Pumpkin pie, French silk chocolate pie, a gingerbread house for the boys, eggnog ice cream, chocolate crinkle cookies, and key lime cheesecake?

Or when the snow started falling Christmas Eve as we were driving to the candlelight service to sing songs about Jesus?

Was it sitting in the kitchen early Christmas morning while my brother-in-law teaches his eleven year  old son how to make crepes and cook sausage and bacon.  Or when the nine year old threw his arms around me and cried, “Merry Christmas!”

But really, it’s knowing that God a few years ago sent tiny Jesus baby down from a perfect life in Heaven to a dark and gritty life on earth. There  are all kinds of ways to look at the stable, but I think it was perhaps the gentlest place He could have been born – he came into the world amongst the one part of his creation that did NOT reject him- the animals. Warm, furry animals whose breath and bodies warmed the December air.  What better place for the world’s best baby?

So if you are fortunate enough to be surrounded by friends or family today, you’re having the same kind of Christmas Jesus did. And if you’re not able to be with family, Jesus is available; just invite Him over.

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